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You can  watch the Tutorial Videos below and/or click on the picture of the Book above to download the eBook or the Tutorial Videos.  I hope you find this body of work useful in your travels, as many others have around the world.  Enjoy!!

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This video is less of a tutorial and more a set of instructions on how to get a sample BPM custom web UI sample running in your environment. The related artifacts can be downloaded from: http://www.neilkolban.com/ibmdata/Custom_UI_Demo_1%20-%202014-06-23-1.twx and http://www.neilkolban.com/ibmdata/CustomUI-2014-06-24.zip

In this BPM Tech Video we show some stories related to approving an item where the list of approvers are taken from dynamically supplied teams.We also look at an interesting case where an approver happens to be a member of multiple teams.

This technical video illustrates the use of a sample Coach View that can be used to provide dynamic content layout for a Coach page.

In this BPM Technical tutorial we talk about building a simple sample dashboard using the Performance Data Warehouse, SQL queries and the Chart Control.

In the 8.5 release, we find the introduction of a new concept called "Teams". This presentation and demonstration illustrates some of the concepts behind them.

A short presentation on updating task data via asynchronously received events

This tutorial illustrates the use of the "as-is" Coach View called "Date Progress" which provides a progress bar showing how long until a due date is reached.The Coach View can be read about in detail and downloaded from the IBM BPM Community Wiki [here]:

This demonstration shows to achieve client side validation in Coaches. It uses some Coach Views which can be downloaded from the BPM Community Wiki [here]

This demonstration shows how to use the Stack Container Coach View that is supplied as a sample at the BPM Wiki [here]

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