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IBM Speaker Sessions

DB2 and IDAA

Future State of HTAP on Mainframe - Maryela Weihrauch - 9/15/2015 / 1:00 PM / K207

Combinatorial Test Design (CTD)

Nick Carnovale - 9/15/2015 / 1:00 PM / KC03

Collaborative Defect Management

Using IBM’s Defect Reduction Methodology - Chris Lake - 9/16/2015 / 12:15 PM / J111

IBM Demos


Box transforms the way you share, manage and collaborate on your most valuable corporate information. Designed without compromise between security and ease-of-use, Box allows every employee to securely work across teams, with customers, and with partners - on any device, anywhere. Adopt Box as your secure content platform to keep sensitive documents out of email and away from insecure consumer services.


An introduction to the fundamentals of Cloud application development using BlueMix. BlueMix is IBM's next generation Platform-as-a-Service offering that combines the power of Cloud Foundry,  Containers and popular development languages.  BlueMix leverages the market leading capabilities of SoftLayer, IBM's Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.


IBM MobileFirst enterprise mobility solutions deliver apps, infrastructure and ways to engage that are fundamentally designed for mobile users. That means all interactions can be personalized based on data, processed securely across touchpoints and delivered in an elegant user experience.


RedRock: Something Big in Data and Design -- The intersect of machine learning, design, and Apache Spark running on your iPad.

System G

IBM System G is a comprehensive set of graph computing software system for Big Data portfolio.
In the Big Data era, data is linked and forms large graphs. But, most traditional IT systems were designed for processing independent data, with analyses typically done in independent scenarios. System G solves this problem by addressing the challenge of processing connected data enabling Big Data Analytics.


Custom Machine Learning with SystemML on Apache Spark: Off-the-shelf machine learning algorithms need to be customized for different vertical domains. In this demonstration we will show you how to tweak existing machine learning algorithms with the strength of open source declarative machine learning from SystemML. This technology was originally developed by IBM Research, and recently donated to the open source community in tandem with Apache Spark start-up, Databricks.


From hospitals to kitchens, Watson has clocked in to work and is already taking impressive strides across industries. But to understand the power of Watson, we must first understand cognitive computing and how it enhances, scales, and accelerates human expertise.  Come meet the Watson Robot and learn more about the future of cognitive computing!


YouTube Video Wall for the I/T Symposium:

Mobile DevOps using Mobile Quality Assurance

CLM (Collaborative Lifecycle Management) with Jazz.net, Bluemix and Rational Team Concert (RTC)

Bluemix Cloud Dev & DevOps Services
(PaaS for Developers... Rapid, Agile, Iterative and Open!)

Predictive Insights

Links, Demos, Downloads & Other Resources:

Mobile DevOps and Mobile Quality Assurance (MQA):

Big Data, BigInsights, Security Intelligence and QRadar Resources:

Predictive Insights:

CLM Collaborative Lifecycle Management with Jazz and Rational Team Concert (RTC):