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About Bill Hahn - BIO:
Bill Hahn is an IBM Software Solution Architect (BPM, Cloud, Cognitive, DevOps, and Emerging Technologies) with 25+ years experience spanning the development labs, consulting services and technical sales. Bill has worked with clients in Europe, Asia and North America as a systems engineer, project leader, developer, architect, instructor and emerging technologies evangelist. He is also an Open Group Master Certified/Distinguished IT Specialist. You can see his YouTube demos, presentations, and eBook using the links above.  Bill's Certifications and Open Badges are found on http://BillHahnCerts.com.  

About this website - Disclaimer: This is *not* an official IBM website.  This website is intended to help showcase key elements of IBM's software portfolio.  For the official IBM experience, please visit http://IBM.com.

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I enjoy my family, friends and work at IBM.  My IBM BIO is above while some of my family pictures appear below: